TeamMetrix Price List
Prices in US Dollars
This price list is for Licensing and  products to be used in the U.S.A. Order Info and Questions to (866) 832-6638.
Item Part No. Description  Price
Server License TM.2000.B1.ORA
Single Server License includes the following:
   Either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server Interface
   Crystal Reports Web Component Server (5 concurrent users)
   TeamMetrix On-line License Manager
 $                25,000
User Licenses TM.2000.B1.AU0001 1-9 Active User License Pack*  $250/user
  TM.2000.B1.AU0010 10-24 Active User License Pack*  $150/user
  TM.2000.B1.AU0025 25-49 Active User License Pack*  $140/user
  TM.2000.B1.AU0050 50-99 Active User License Pack*  $125/user
  TM.2000.B1.AU0100 100-499 Active User License Pack*  $110/user
  TM.2000.B1.AU0500 500-999 Active User License Pack*  $100/user
  TM.2000.B1.AU1000 1,000+ Active User License Pack*  $90/user
  TM.2000.B1.AUSITE Site User License (3,000+)*  call
Maintenance Plus 1 Year of Support Maintenance Plus includes the following for covered period:
     Unlimited Server Upgrades and Service Pack Downloads
     10 TeamMetrix Help Desk Contacts Per User
     60 Minutes SysAdmin (Tier 2/3) Support
     2 Custom Reports or Downloads
  TM.2000.B1.MP0050 1 - 49 Active Users*  $7,200 + $100/user 
  TM.2000.B1.MP0250 50-249 Active Users*  $7,200 + $65/user 
  TM.2000.B1.MP1000 250-999 Active Users*  $7,200 + $50/user 
  TM.2000.B1.MP1KP 1,000+ Active Users*  $7,200 + $45/user 
  TM.2000.B1.MPSITE Site License (3,000+)*  call
Cost Recovery Services Administrator Training 2 Day Course  $                 1,280
  User Training 2 Hour Course (min 10 users)  $                      80
  Technical Consulting Hourly Technical Support (0.25hr increments)  $                      80
  Business Consulting Hourly Business Support (0.25 hour increments)  $                      75
  Custom Reports Estimate for custom timesheet, detailed report or download  $                 1,000
Hosting by TeamMetrix TM.2000.HS.AU0001 1-9 Active User Hosting Service  $299.00/user/mo
(1st Month Free) TM.2000.HS.AU0010 10-24 Active User Hosting Service  $119.00/user/mo
  TM.2000.HS.AU0025 25-49 Active User Hosting Service  $69.00/user/mo
  TM.2000.HS.AU0050 50-99 Active User Hosting Service  $39.00/user/mo
  TM.2000.HS.AU0100 100-499 Active User Hosting Service  $19.00/user/mo
  TM.2000.HS.AU0500 500-999 Active User Hosting Service  $14.00/user/mo
  TM.2000.HS.AU1000 1,000+ Active User Hosting Service  $12.50/user/mo
*price subject to 4.5% VA sales tax